Student By Day, Drag Queen By Night

Regina Flores is captured as she gets ready to perform at Tooth&Nail drag pageant  (Photo by Kyle Nessen)

Glitter, feathers, wigs, and stilettos — if dressing in drag does not scream wearable poetry then I don’t know what does.

Jordan Collins began performing in drag shows two years ago after being drawn to its ability to merge feminity with entertainment.

Performing under the stage name Regina Flores, Collins can be seen live at Metro Brewing Co., SLO Brew, and Cal Poly organized drag shows. Additionally, Regina Flores participates in drag pageants such as Tooth&Nail, as well as works as a model for independent photographers.

“My favorite part of drag is shocking people,” Collins said. “I like to make people rethink notions of gender roles within society, while also giving people life through my performances.”

Header photo by Madison Leiana

Video by Stefanie Pollitz


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