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Wearable Poetry seeks to remind its readers the difference between fashion versus style, credit cards versus creativity, and trends versus personal expression. Here at Wearable Poetry, we explore the power of reinvention and self-identity ignited by our everyday style choices.

Personal style is the visual conversation we choose to have with the world. The way we dress serves as an opportunity to transcend our personalities, traditions, and opinions into Wearable Poetry 

We invite you to harness this power. Wear your personality, creativity, and confident self-awareness on your sleeve. You’re all poets, now all you must do is wear your poetry.

behind the blog

Wearable Poetry is the product of daily inspiration found in the most unlikely ways. Creator, Stefanie Pollitz, has always appreciated the various avenues people choose to express themselves in. With that, she is fascinated by the eclectic definition of personal style.

While living in London, Stefanie developed a new appreciation for street style, finding herself captivated by all of the variety. She understood that it was not the clothes themselves, but the stories they told about the poets wearing them. Wearable poetry wants to tell these stories, while also inspiring its readers to communicate their own narrative.

Persist on poets


– Wearable Poetry

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Photo by Stefanie Pollitz


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